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Heartical - Ammagideon Time (Extended Mix)

Topics Reggae

Put your volume up and your subwoofer on because this one goes straight to babylon head as I would tell you! Full original lyrics and vocals by HEARTICAL and intense Dub Mixing from the top to the very last drop. Righteous Militant Style fe true!

Heartical writes and sings his own lyrics and songs. For this track, he gave the chords and some directions for the original rhythm to Messian Dread and sang the lyrics in the Dubroom.

1 - Ammagideon Time
[MusicBrainz (recording)]
Source Studio
Run time 5 Min
Label / Recorded by

See also MusicBrainz (release group)[MusicBrainz (release group)]; MusicBrainz (release)[MusicBrainz (release)];


LYRICS: So Much Sufferation Ina This Time While Nations Fight Nations The People Dem Dying I Tell You They Ain't Got No Food To Eat No Place To Go No Place To Even Sleep

I Tell You It's A Hell Ina Babylon Just Look And See

Where Does The Money Go, Babylon Where Does The Money Go

While They Blow Their Resources And Ammunition To Prepare For Their Ammagideon

The Leaders On Nations Design Economies To Buy More Ammunition For Death And Destruction And They Call It Protection And The Call It Liberation

When All The People Need Is Just Some Food To Eat A Place To Sleep And To Love One Another And To Live In Peace

We Don't Need - Your Technology Of Destruction We Don't Need - Your Lies And Confusion We Don't Need - Your New World Illusion We Don't Need - Your Babylon Shitstem

(C) 2004 by HEARTICAL


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